Project tasks

Dansk Bilspedition A/S offers the execution of project assignments, such as total solutions in a combination of several modes of transport, road - sea freight - part charter - air, in the form that may be required for the resolution of a given transport from door to door worldwide.


Through the execution of several types of tasks worldwide during the past several years, Dansk Bilspedition A/S has the competence/experience to handle the best solution for the execution of the task, whether it is a heavy or oversize transport. 


Generel Conditions & terms 


All transport and services carried out, within the EU,

are added with the present and valid charge, pt 25%. 

Transport insurance 
In gereral there are no insurrance included in any freight, unless clearly specified.

We can, upon written request, find and offer a competetive insurrance . 

Terms of Payment 
Unless otherwise agreed, our term of payment are nett cash upon receipt of invoice.

Interests will be added with 2% per month, in case of late payment 

Trading conditions 
All Services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). Under these conditions our liability for loss of, deterioration of or damage to goods is limited to SDR 8.33 per kg. and our liability for delay is limited to the amount of the freight, but not exceeding SDR 50,000 per order. In connection with storage, the freight forwarder's total liability for damage is limited to SDR 500,000 for any incident of damage ocurred (par.27). Special attention is directed to the stipulations that claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (par.30) and the lien of goods (par.14) applies to both current and previous claims. Claims for freight etc. must be honoured regardless of the terms of delivery under the contract of sale or freight agreement (par.10). A copy of the general conditions of NSAB can be provided upon request .