Dansk Bilspedition has continously been expanding our network of agents. We are proud to announce that today we are represented by an agent at every major shipping destination in the World. We offer weekly consolidation and fast transit based on reliable suppliers.

  • Import / export --cross-trade
  • Full warehouse management
    • dry, clean, warm & cold, pick´n pack, packing & labeling
  • Documentation - full assistance
  • Container deliveries - chassis or sideloader
  • LCL shipments
  • FCL shipments
  • Special equipment, flatracks, open-top, tank
  • Project planning & turnkey
  • IMO shipments
  • Sea / air solutions
  • Cross Trade


We provide transport by ship to all major shipping ports : Canada, United States, South America, Africa, Middle East, Mediteranian countries, Far East, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Do you have special requests,don't hesitate to ask.

Generel Trading Conditions - Shipping


·   1 cbm to 1000 kg.


·   all kilos are rounded up to full ton 
·   cbm rounded up to full cbm

Transports/services carried out within the EU, wil be added with the present VAT, Pt. 25% 

Unless otherwise specific agreed, there are no insurrance included. Upon request we can offer a competice condition and premium 

Terms of Trading 
All assignments are basicly carried out as agent to the shippingline – the NSAB condition will only enter into force, when specific agreed. 

All Services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2000). Under these conditions our liability for loss of, deterioration of or damage to goods is limited to SDR 8.33 per kg. and our liability for delay is limited to the amount of the freight, but not exceeding SDR 50,000 per order. In connection with storage, the freight forwarder's total liability for damage is limited to SDR 500,000 for any incident of damage ocurred (par.27). Special attention is directed to the stipulations that claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (par.30) and the lien of goods (par.14) applies to both current and previous claims. Claims for freight etc. must be honoured regardless of the terms of delivery under the contract of sale or freight agreement (par.10). A copy of the general conditions of NSAB can be provided upon request. 

Terms of Payment 
Unless otterwise specificly agreeed, the term of payment is nett cash upon presentation of Bill of Lading or upon receipt of invoice. Interests will be added with 2% per month.